What This Artist Uses To Paint Watercolors Is Brilliantly Delicious.

Iraqi artist Othman Toma is using a special type of paint these days to do watercolors. It’s cold, and typically creamy, and the favorite food of children the world around. 

What is it?


Using melted ice cream, he’s crafted truly unique watercolor portraits that are almost as beautiful as they are edible.

And although he typically works with pencils or typical paints…

…here’s hoping his “tasty” style catches on with a few more artists!

(via BoredPanda/Reddit)

Yum! Othman has a bunch more work that you can check out on his Facebook and Instagram pages if you’re digging his food fascination. But before you go, be sure to share these edible works of art with your friends using the buttons below. They’ll be running to the ice cream store in no time!

Read more: http://viralnova.com/icecream-watercolor/

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